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January 27, 2017 @ 3:51 pm

IFNYC#25: Brooklyn Filmmaker Mike Castro

Mike Castro - Indie Filmmaker from Brooklyn, NY

Mike is a filmmaker and writer with an extensive background behind the camera.  He focuses his time making narrative films and working with corporate clients.

A New Breed of Indie Filmmakers

Mike is one of the new breed of indie filmmakers.  In the past, if one wanted to be a filmmaker, they would likely graduate from film school, get on a big production set as a PA and start learning the ropes so they could grow their network and make connections.

Today, there are many jobs that are tied to media production that don't involve being on an active set.  Corporate video jobs often involve straight forward one or two camera shoots of presentations and interviews that typically are completed just to be posted to a company website.  These opportunities, while not always very creative or challenging, give one access to equipment which allows for hands experience with the technical aspect of production he or she will not get sitting at a desk.  Having a steady income and schedule frees up a filmmaker to create content and learn through making content in their off hours.

filmmaker mike castro on set
Mike on set, directing a scene

Dinner Party Murder Party

Dinner Party Murder Party from mike castro on Vimeo.

During the podcast interview Mike talks about the production process of his first major short film, Dinner Party Murder Party.


Filmmakers Working Day Jobs

Many of today’s indie filmmakers have 9 to 5 jobs.  Some of those people are working in call centers, retail or other areas outside media production, while others work in administrative capacities for networks and other behind the scenes.  Not every filmmaker is gaining valuable on set experience with big union crews one finds on typical studio films, television shows and broadcast commercials.

What is interesting about Mike Castro’s story is that he had one of those corporate gigs that really didn’t have much to do with media, but through pushing the boundaries and actually producing content to show to people, he transformed his position from another cog in the machine to someone who was doing something he loves to do.


7 Rules

As a filmmaker it can be frustrating when a project drags on for too long and all you want is to see a finished product.  In reaction to that frustration, Mike challenged himself to write, shoot and edit an entire project in less than two weeks.  The result of that challenge is this fun short film called '7 Rules.'


The Misunderstanding

The Misunderstanding (Official Trailer) from mike castro on Vimeo.

The Misunderstanding is Mike's most successful short in terms of the number of views it garnered.  The short was also selected by Funny or Die to be featured on their homepage for a time.




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