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December 16, 2016 @ 9:18 pm

IFNYC#22: Award Winning Documentary Filmmaker Eve Marson

Dr. Feelgood: Dealer or Healer with Eve Marson

On this episode I spoke with Eve Marson about her documentary feature film Dr. Feelgood: Dealer or Healer.

A Documentary Film About Opioid Addiction

Eve Marson is a documentary filmmaker with a track record of successful feature docs.  On the heels of her hit feature film Fed Up, an exposé of the food industry with journalist Katie Couric, she tackled the timely issue of painkiller abuse and addiction with Dr. Feelgood.

Dr. Feelgood views this epidemic through the eyes of Dr. William Hurwitz.  Hurwitz is a doctor who was sentenced to 25 years in prison for over prescribing painkillers.  The ethical dilemma of how painkillers are prescribed in this country is seen though his experience of trying to help his patients.  With opioid addiction on the rise, there has never been a more important time to take a careful look into this growing problem.

Watch the Trailer for the Film - Official Trailer on Vimeo

Do You Want to Make Your Own Documentary Films?

 I have a great fondness for documentary filmmaking and I have even had a few false starts into trying to make my own docs.  I think the toughest thing for me has been identifying a subject that can really hold the attention of a viewing audience and also has the scope to carry the story through an hour and a half long narrative.

As you know, the main mission of this podcast is to help teach filmmakers what they can and should be doing if they want to get into making their own documentaries.  With that in mind, I took great effort in this episode to delve into Eve Marson’s experience both with directing Dr. Feelgood  and the overall experience in her career to bring you the information you need to get your feature film documentary off the ground and out into the world.



Official Website:
Facebook Page: Dr. Feelgood
Twitter:  @drfeelgooddocu

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