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December 2, 2016 @ 9:52 pm

IFNYC#20: Kew Gardens Festival of Cinema

Kew Gardens Festival of Cinema with Jayson Simba

The Kew Gardens Festival of Cinema is the first and only film festival of its kind held in Kew Gardens, NYC.  The festival was founded by three local independent filmmakers with a passion to get movies made.

I brought Jayson Simba on to talk with me about why we think that the Kew Gardens Festival of Cinema is important to the filmmaking community and why I partnered up with Jayson to help bring the festival to life.


Watch the Kew Gardens Festival of Cinema Promo:


At the end of the day, I see the Kew Gardens Festival of Cinema as an extension of the work I'm doing with the Indie Film NYC Podcast.  The goal is to bring the art of cinema to an audience who will appreciate and support the films, while giving the filmmakers the chance to network and create those connections that will help them make bigger and better projects through the collaboration and support of their filmmaking peers.

Why did Indie Film NYC partner up with the Kew Gardens Festival of Cinema?

It was always my intention to start some kind of indie film screening or film festival once I had established Indie Film NYC a little bit.  I didn't anticipate this opportunity to create something much larger than I had initially envisioned.

Our team has patterned the Kew Gardens Festival of Cinema after some of the biggest festivals in the world.  We want this festival to be a cultural event that draws artists and the people behind the business of making films to mix, meet, mingle and deal.

The exterior of the Kew Gardens Cinema

When is the Kew Gardens Festival of Cinema?

The Festival, which will run from August 4th to the 13th, 2017, is now open for accepting submissions.  You can find all the relevant information on the website

I decided that the best way to introduce this festival to everyone would be to bring on Jayson Simba and let him talk about why he wanted to start the festival, the team he’s assembling to make the festival happen and what we hope that this festival can do for you indie filmmakers out there.

One of the screens showing films during the Kew Gardens Festival of Cinema


The Original Theater Sign

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