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December 9, 2016 @ 11:19 pm

IFNYC#021: Dissection of Thanksgiving

Dissection of Thanksgiving with Troy Hall, Mridu Chandra, & Rafael Monserrate

On this episode I spoke with (Producer, Writer, Actor) Troy Hall, (Producer) Mridu Chandra, and (Director) Rafael Monserrate about their film The Dissection of Thanksgiving.

A New York Made Film

The four filmmakers who made this happen are all from New York.  And even though this was the first feature film they had written, produced, directed and starred in, their previous experience in the industry on shorts, commercials and improv work gave them the experience they needed to make this film.  It’s a very well done film that’s full of great moments in a touching story about family and relationships.  In my opinion, it’s got some of the best cinematography I’ve seen in an indie film in a long time.

Why I think Their Story is Important

To me, the most interesting reason I wanted to interview them on the podcast was the journey the filmmakers went on with this film.  For all you indie filmmakers out there, this film stands as a lesson in passion and perseverance.  We get into all the details of where this film started and the hoops the filmmakers jumped through to bring this film to where it is today, but when you really believe in your film and you know that you have a story that resonates with people, it’s worth doing everything you have to in order to deliver it to your audience. 

Even though The Dissection of Thanksgiving is a thanksgiving themed film, it's a great film to watch any time because it deals with some universal themes of relationships and the power of family.



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