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November 18, 2016 @ 5:47 pm

IFNYC#019: Cindy Baer - Director & Producer of Odd Brodsky

Cindy Baer

Director & Producer of 'Odd Brodsky'

On this episode of the podcast I spoke with director and producer Cindy Baer about her new feature film ‘Odd Brodsky’ and her career in filmmaking.


Cindy Baer grew up in Boston and at 22 years old she decided she wanted to be an actress in the film business, so she picked up and moved across the country to L.A.  Realizing that she needed to make money while she was working on breaking in, she started what would become a successful business performing for children’s parties as a clown.


After running that business for a few years, she decided to dive back into filmmaking, but more in the producing and directing arena.  On her first big project she directed a film that was written by a 13 year old girl she was mentoring at the time. Almost by accident ended up producing and distributing the film in a similar way that many micro budget films are shot today.


Through her experience with that feature film and a handful of short films with successful runs on the national film festival circuit, she started to develop a very personal film that would end up becoming ‘Odd Brodsky.’


Odd Brodsky is touching film that reaches well beyond the scope of what the budget for it is and the story is sure to strike a chord with other indie filmmakers.  The film has already had a successful run in film festivals and is about to be released on VOD.


‘Odd Brodsky’ has screened at 29 film festivals and won 20 festival awards, and is available now on itunes here: Be sure to check it out after you listen to the podcast!


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